These battery operated ride on toys for kids will give your children the ability to mimic their grown up counterparts and drive anywhere they want, giving them a sense of a real grown up power and allowing them to go on fun adventures only pretend play can provide.

The abundance of electric cars for kids now available gives parent such a wide variety of choices that picking that perfect car will surely be an easy venture. Your kids can pretend to be Indy Car racers, Big Truck drivers, ATV owners and more.

They can also pay homage to their favorite movie or cartoon character by pulling up to their friend’s house in their very own Lightning McQueen, Barbie or Dora models of electric cars  available on the market.

For the up-and-coming farm-loving kids there are the great tractor-type electric cars out there. Or they can be the next dirt bike racing king or motorcycle king of the road with the latest in dirt bike racing cars or motorcycles for kids.

There are so many great electric cars for kids to choose from that there is sure to be one that will be just perfect for your child.

Electric Car for Kids

Power Wheels Dune Racer

Your youngsters are going to love these cars! In a day where almost every kid on the block has some kind of ride on toy at some point, it’s doubtful any of your little speed demon’s friends are going to have this one.

The Dune Racer is immediately impressive with its 2-seater, open cockpit, low-to-the-ground design.

The fun continues when it’s all-terrain “tires” will carry it and its passengers across gravel, wet grass, and even mud!

While your tike is thrilled about its flashy chrome accents and 5 mph speeds, you the parent can rest easy that it’s still a safe toy.  This powerful little dune racer has a sturdy steel frame, side bars for safety, and even includes seatbelts to help remind your youngster that even play time should be safe!

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Power Wheels Ford F150 Truck

Now your little guy can really be just like Daddy!  With the Ford F150 edition from the Power Wheels line of this car, he can cruise around in his own version of the bigger truck.

No detail has been missed with this ride-on toy.  He can put his juice box in the cup holder, load-up his gear in the truck bed with working tailgate, tune in his favorite song on the working FM radio, and take off for a real man’s adventure!

The F150 has Ultimate Terrain traction tire package, which means no matter where it goes it won’t get stuck. A unique feature in this ride-on is the adjustable seat bench and dash storage.

The “fuel gauge” monitors the battery level of the 12 volt rider, and features a safety mechanism that lets you the parent decide whether it’ll go 2.5 or 5 mph.

It’s roomy enough for two riders and realistic enough that Dad will wish he could be one of them!

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Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX with Monst er Traction

Considered one of the most realistic ATV experiences your little one can have, these cars for kids are not meant to be taken indoors.

With Monster Traction, 5 mph speed, and a larger-than-average build it was made to kick up some dirt. Your tike will get a thrill from the twist grip throttle and realistic styling.

This model features a high-speed lock out mechanism for less experienced riders. An additional safety feature is the power lock brake system.

And, while some cars have a drive charge time that lasts less than an hour, this little ATV can go for up to 3 hours (depending on terrain and size of the driver).

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Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Children feel a sense of independence when they own electric cars  mimic real, adult things.

Well, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon from Power Wheels will have your riders feeling that independent spirit and sense of freedom in no time.

With remarkably realistic styling, even you might find yourself wanting to buy a Jeep!

It’s got rugged grab bars for easy in and out, plus pretend seat-belts for enhanced role playing.

The Rubicon also comes with roomy rear storage, so your kiddo can take toys and snacks along for the ride!

12 volts of rechargeable battery and big tires take it across grass and hard surfaces at up a maximum speed of 5 mph.

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Power Wheels Barbie KFX 12V

Who says pink isn’t powerful? Well, Power Wheels for Girls goes pink and powerful with the Barbie KFX ATV.

Your little princess will have a great time zooming away from the fairy castle on this little gem made just for girls.

Like the versions the boys like, it’s got Monster Traction for off roading and a twist grip throttle that will rev her into high speed.

In addition to being pink and powerful, these toy keep in mind that when it comes to fashion, accessories and details can make all the difference. So, alongside those Barbie graphics, you’ll find colored shock boot covers and a real metal handlebar.

And, when you pair aggressive tire tread with the Monster Traction, you can rest assured your princess can get where she’s going with ease.

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Power Wheels Dora The Explorer Jeep Wrangler

Similar to the Rubicon, this model of electric cars will have your little one feeling like a grown up girl with its realistic body-styling and classic Jeep design.

She will have fun for hours on adventures with her friends and Dora. They can take their adventures across hard surfaces and all over the grassy backyard at speeds between 2.5 – 5 mph.

Unlike the Rubicon, this Jeep keeps the girls in mind with its bright pink coloring, and it’s attention to the details (i.e. accessories).

You won’t have to worry about your sweet girl getting lost because this one comes equipped with a map.

And let’s not forget about storage!  Not only does she get the same open, roomy, rear storage the boys do, but the Dora Jeep includes a backpack, too!

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Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

Does your child love Cars 2 and Lightning McQueen? Well, now he can really drive Lightning McQueen!  Thanks to cars from Power Wheels by Fisher-Price, your movie fan can have hours of fun pretending to be his favorite character.

With 6 volts of battery power, these Car 2 movie-inspired car will reach a speed of 3.5 mph and look good doing it with the bright red paint job and spot-on sticker detailing.

This refreshed version has a new rear spoiler unlike its predecessor. For safety it comes equipped with Power Lock brakes, and has a bumper to bumper 1 year warranty.

Oh, and did we mention the real race car sound effects?  Yeah, it’s got ‘em.  Plus, phrases from the actual movie, in English and Spanish.  Talk about a thrilling race car experience!

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Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep

Move over Dora, cause Barbie just rolled up in a Jeep of her own!

Powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery, Barbie’s Jammin’ Jeep looks and feels just like the real thing. It even operates with a real steering wheel and foot pedal.

It also features a specially designed braking system which automatically stops the vehicle when the foot is removed from the pedal.

But let’s not forget, Barbie is the ultimate style icon. So on top of all the safety features and mechanics, this little number also remembers the details.

It has doors that open and close, a rear storage compartment to tote all her accessories, and real FM radio with clock, so your girly girl never misses an important appointment.

Finished off with chrome wheels and a front bumper with two extra headlights, this stylish ride-on is perfect for the little girl with style of her own.

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Peg Perego USA John Deere Gator Hpx

Nothing runs like a Deere!  And nothing will be able to catch your youngster as he or she tears off on a great adventure in one of these electric cars for kids realistically styled after the popular John Deere Gator.

With a max speed of 4.5 mph and knobby tread wheels, this little deere can run across grass, pavement, dirt, and gravel.

The Gator includes built-in cup holders and working dump bed with tailgate. The adjustable seat helps accommodate growing kids.

And, our favorite feature is the SmartPedal. Its automatic braking helps reduce jerky stops and start-ups, while also extending battery life.

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Power Wheels Kawasaki Brute Force Camo

These ride-on ATV-styled electric cars will keep ‘em busy for hours as they encourage wild adventure. They’re built big, and meant to be tough.

The Monster Traction and tough tires will let them explore any terrain they choose, and the cool camo design will help them feel like realistic hunters and soldiers.

Unlike some other ATV-style electric cars for kids, this model has a high speed lock out for parent’s peace of mind.

Oh, and don’t forget the power lock brakes!

With a built-in cup holder and on board heavy duty shovel, your little man will be ready for anything as he speeds off at 5mph powered by Power Wheels most reliable 12 volt rechargeable battery.

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Power Wheels A.T.Rex with Monster Traction

At first glance, these cars for kids seem like a typical ATV. They’ve got the standard rechargeable 12 volt battery, and kick into advanced speed at 5 mph.

They’ve also got a patented braking system that stops the vehicle when your child removes his or her foot from the pedal. Visually they seem more compact than some, with a bright green color that should inspire any kid to take off on a wild adventure.

But, wait, just how wild are we talking? When your child pulls the T-Rex handle this compact ATV transforms into an A.T.Rex complete with flashing eyes, large teeth, and ferocious roar!

Before you can blink, your tike will be off on a prehistoric adventure that will keep him happy for hours, thankfully equipped with Monster Traction to carry him over the most rugged terrain.

Wrapping up

There are constantly newer variations of electric cars for kids being introduced, so every year parents can expect new models that either imitate the grown up cars or pander to the latest and greatest kids’ movie characters.

Giving them the safe, but fun opportunity to drive a whooping fast two miles an hour on grass or pavement, will really have them strutting their mini-grown-up selves around and preening from the sense of accomplishment.

The adventures that they’ll have and the video opportunities that they’ll give you will be priceless. Smiles, giggles, sparkling faces and hours of outdoor fun – guaranteed!